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Fine Art Print Photo Rag, 308g/m²

100% cotton with a fine, soft surface.


Maximum size

43 x 28 inches (110 x 70cm)


Fuji Crystal DP II, glossy

If a larger print is desired beyond

the maximum size for Hahnemühle above, I suggest to print on Fuji Crystal DP II, glossy paper, including a white border, and protected by matte acrylic glass on its own or in a solid wood frame. I particularly like the effect of the 22mm floating frame: Tokyo, Titanium Grey.


Maximum size

71 x 47 inches (180 x 120cm)


Prints are always produced with a white border of at least 1cm to ensure cleanly cut edges.
























The integrated wall-mounts on the back of the mounted or framed print make it easy to hang securely. Depending on the size of your print, there are three different wall-mounts included in the price:

[1] Hooks for prints with edges of about 10 inches (25cm) or less

[2] Parallel aluminum rails for prints with any edge from 10-20 inches

(26–50cm) [3] Bordering aluminum rail for prints with any edge over

20 inches (50cm).



Fine Art Prints



Solid Wood Gallery Frame

The solid wood frame is available in Brown Alder, Natural Maple, Black Oak, or White Maple with gloss or matte acrylic glass. The passe-partout is made from non-acidic, light-resistant museum card stock guaranteed to be free of wooden fibers. They are produced with a beveled edge and then set flush against the image. Your picture arrives ready to hang.


Acrylic Glass Protection

You can order simply a print and it will be delivered flat or rolled, depending on size. Or, you can select to protect the print with acrylic glass, with or without a frame. Both protection options include backing and are ready to hang.



























Secure packaging is tailor-made to fit your order and ensure the framed print reaches you safe and sound.

Natural Maple

Brown Alder



There are three popular sizes

given for each image. The smallest is for a more intimate setting

where the viewer can stand near

to appreciate the detail. The middle size can be viewed further away, across a table or desk. And the largest size can be viewed across a room.


Since each painting has a different proportion and framing involves a few options, I can offer only an estimate of the print price here.


Print on Hahnemühle, unmounted:

20 inches  (51cm)        $90

30 inches  (76cm)      $180

40 inches  (102cm)    $360


However, you can order any size you want by clicking the Custom Size button on the Request Quote form and indicating the largest dimension of the image area in the message box.


Filling in the Request Quote form, available on any image page, gives me the title, size, paper, framing options, and destination you desire. I will return to you with a quote.


If you are having trouble visualizing what size image would be best for your wall, click here to see how I helped a customer decide.


Solid Wood Gallery Frame

has a 100% cotton passe-partout,

a natural white matte, 3 inches

(8cm) all around.

Solid Wood Floating Frame

Tokyo, Titanium Grey, 22mm

2 inches (5cm) white border

Acrylic Glass, matte

Black Oak

White Maple

CUBA photography

Greeting Cards

All images in any of the

series presented on this site

can be ordered as a package

of 10 or 24 greeting cards,

6 x 8.25 inches (15 x 21cm).

One image per package.


10 Cards

Folded, blank interior,

envelopes included.



24 Cards

Folded, blank interior,

envelopes included.



An order form is available

on any image page.





EARLY WORK painting


LAGOON painting

TIMELESS PARIS photography

LA BELLE VIE photography


Timeless Paris Photographs

My Paintings

Cuba Photographs


Each spiral bound Agenda is

5.8 x 8.3 inches (148 x 210mm)

containing 108 pages with

54 full-page images and

each two-page spread is a




Blackwell Studios Books

Coming Soon

In 1996, I discovered the name

of my great-grandmother, Emily Blackwell, née Chandler and began research into her life, slowly gathering information when time allowed, which I assembled into an illustrated memoir, my first book, Divining Emily, Part One, the first of two parts...or will there be three?


In pursuit of Emily, I have traveled to British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, Washington, DC and twice to Cuba with permission from the US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control.


Click on the covers to learn more about these books and sign up on the Early Bird list for notification when these books are available for purchase.