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Rocklyn was built for Edward Barron Chandler, my great great great grandfather in 1830. It was located in Dorchester, New Brunswick by a Fredericton researcher, Joe Bonnevie, who, upon approaching the house, noticed a man standing across the street facing Rocklyn with a long-fixed stare. He introduced himself and learned the man was called George Teed whose father had bought Rocklyn from my great great great grandmother, Phoebe Chandler. George came annually to look at the house where he grew up. What luck that he should be standing there, seemingly waiting for Joe. George told him about the house as he knew it and Joe told him of me and my search for my great grandmother Emily’s past. George gave Joe the name of the woman who had bought the house from his father and I set about to find her. After an exchange of email with Sylvia Yeoman I had invited myself to her home in Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia for the Easter weekend. At the end of this visit she gave me Rocklyn Receipts which she had discovered in the house, left by the Chandler's housekeeper. What a happy turn of events to come into possession of my family receipts. I thank all those who had taken such good care of it. Of course I wanted to share it with the world and sat down to slowly transcribe the impossible handwriting. About that time, I was preparing to move to France and things had to be boxed up and Rocklyn Receipts had to wait. Getting familiar with my new surroundings I became acquainted with an ex-pat Englishwoman who loved to cook and I suggested that we work on this book together since I did not have enough cooking ability to do it on my own. She will be working her way through the receipts and trying as many of them out in her kitchen as is possible, making notes to incorporate into our interpretation of these old, crumbling pages. I will be wading through the history of the Dorchester area and Edward Barron Chandler's illustrious past, kindly gathered by Joe and sent in a river of email, as well as all the photos I had taken during my two trips to that area. This work is still in progress.

Sylvia Yeoman and Stripe, her cat, at home in Granville Ferry

Shooting through one of Rocklyn's front windows, a fluke reflection brought in the partial image of Joe, in another part of the garden behind me, picking up several pieces of old broken dishes with a blue and white pattern we like to think was the Chandler's, or at least, the Teed's.



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