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Rosa wishes everything came in pink. Even her boyfriend. It was love at first sight... when she heard his name. Rubio. It was a sign. A pink sign. When I first created her, she was making deliveries on her pink Vespa. But it became clear in no time that she had other desires. I made introductions and she took on the job of announcer at a fund-raising dinner for a private school and happily enough it was called "Pink" though no one seems to know why. Another sign. And so she practiced announcing, telling jokes, changing clothes often, and her favorite, standing in a floodlight. Surely it would be pink. Even Rubio had managed to find a special bit of pink for her Pink evening on stage. And indeed, all was pink and so all went well. But this is not the end as they drive off into the night.
I have created a new challenge for her. She will be taking on a double role in my children's book entitled MeMe & Grace about two not-so-normal butterflies who, through their adversity, come together and are made whole by the experience. She's a little concerned as there is very little pink involved, but we must all rise to the occasions that present themselves and do the best we can. Pink IS a lovely color, but certainly there is more to life as Rosa shall come to know.


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