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SEWING I have sewn my own clothes since I was twelve years old. Not being at that time within the popular size range, I would often come upon a single plaid skirt in my size on the shop rack where others had a wide variey of choice. In my youth I wanted to be like others and began to copy the more popular styles. As I grew older I grew into my uniqueness, which my parents somehow knew by giving me a name that no one else seemed to have. It was then my goal to create garments that no one else would have. Later in life I became interested in upholstery and realized that clothing a chair can give it that unique quality; that second or third chance at being all it can be to fit in or to stand out.

As an avid, season-ticket opera fan, I have an extensive fancy jacket collection.

Loose covers for furniture are precisely what clothing is all about: proper covering for the different seasons; and can be popped in the wash to refresh.

Can one go to La Traviatta

 in anything less?

I wish I had the before photo of this couch! Even in this sombre color it is fresh and distinguished and can be entirely removed and laundered at will.

First I found the fabric and the design followed.

This tailored loose cover is entirely removeable.

This lounge chair was made in 1920 and was in tatters. Only the fringe remains of the original upholstery.

This chair was just plain scary. I wore a mask to tear it down, but when I put the last tack in it seemed to dance on tippytoes.

A friend had given me this exquisite silk fabric from Japan. There was only just enough to make this jacket for Madame Butterfly.

Raw silk and this classic style is fresh and lasts forever.

A friend's needlepoint mounted on her cherished chair.

Believe it or not, this snuggly fitting loose cover is entirely removable.

Clothes for the big city.

Nothing like it anywhere.

We all need to be adorned.


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